ROAM App Features

  • Public Lands Icon Public Lands / Open Space
    Federal (National Forest Service, BLM, etc), State, Local, City Parks, County Open Space, Wilderness Areas
  • Contours Icon 10+ Switchable Basemaps
    Topo, Aerial Imagery, Imagery + Topo, Topo + Trails, OpenStreetMap, World Topo, World Imagery, World Streets, USA Topo Maps, Ocean BaseMap, Grey Canvas, and more!
  • Roads Icon Roads
    Forest Service, National Park, National Wildlife Refuge, State Land, Public Timberland, Highway, County, City, Street, Local Park, and Scenic Byway roads
  • Trails Icons Trails
    National Forest, National Park, State Park, BLM, US Fish & Wildlife, Statewide, County, Urban, Ski, and Snowmobile/OHV trails
  • Geographic Features Icons Geographic Features
    Bays, Beaches, Deserts, Draws, Summits, Geysers, Harbors, Islands, Passes, Prairies, Ridges, Springs, Valleys, Waterfalls, and more
  • Point of Interest Icon Points of Interest/Recreational Areas
    Boat Ramps/Launches, Beach Access, Campsites (established & primitive), Fishing Access, Picnic Areas, Trailheads, Go Wildlife Viewing, and many more