Infected: How Invasive Mussels Threaten More Than Just Montana's Waters

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Infected: Invasive Species in Montana

An ecological disaster landed in Montana last November, when tests confirmed the existence of invasive Quagga mussels in the Tiber Reservoir, 80 miles north of Great Falls.

The mussels present a serious ecological and economic threat to Montana. It's another chapter to an invasive nightmare, which has decimated native fish populations and damaged dams and other aquatic infrastructure, across the country.

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Stay Safe in Grizzly Country

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Stay Safe in Grizzly Country

Todd Orr looked like he'd been through hell, only worse. Staring into the camera of his phone Orr was streaked with blood, with large chunks of skin hanging from his head. Orr was hiking in the mountains near Ennis, Mont. when he came upon the bear in a meadow.

The fury of a bear protecting her cubs charged through the cloud of bear spray Orr let out and was on the man's back, clawing and biting.

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5 Best Accessories for your Smartphone

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onXmaps 5 Phone Accessories Recommendations

Exploring the backcountry is the ultimate escape from a technological age that is creeping further into our lives. Tech can still have a place in the woods with you, however.

Phones in the backcountry don’t come without headaches though. Dead batteries, no service and other issues can make your phone obsolete, but new accessories are available to keep you phone functioning, or even enhance its abilities...

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Night Skies - Stargazing in 11 National Parks

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2016 Best Garmin GPS Units for Hunting

For 100 years the National Parks have offered an escape for those seeking to experience natural wonders, away from the concrete, noise and air pollution associated with big cities. The IDSA suggests near 80 percent of the world suffers from light pollution and 99 percent of the U.S. citizens can’t enjoy a natural night sky.

The National Parks, however, offer some of the most spectacular views of the cosmos, still available in the U.S. High mountain peaks, remote lakes and ranger-led stargazing programs offer opportunities to view the Milky Way like no one else in the country, and see stars and planets shine so bright they cast a shadow.

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The Complete Guide to Backcountry Mobile GPS

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To most, hiking the backcountry means escaping the crowds and the rush of the city. Those looking to escape the tech fueled world though should rethink leaving their smartphone behind.

Smartphone mapping technology now brings extremely detailed GPS, topographical and satellite information to anyone without a dedicated GPS unit and should be seen as a go-to navigational tool.

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ROAM while on the Pokémon GO

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ROAM Public Land Playing Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is exploding in popularity all across the world and people are flocking to all corners of their cities to "Catch 'Em All". The game has been praised by some for getting people out of their houses and exercising by walking around town, while monitoring steps and distance traveled.

ROAM is an effective tool to help you legally navigate your championship path and make sure you know where you are now and where your journey to greatness started.

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4 Alternatives to Overcrowded Parks

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Alternatives to crowded National Parks

While The National Park service celebrates 100 years of existence, it is also shattering attendance records. The word is out on what filmmaker, Ken Burns, referred to as America’s Best Idea, and the parks are even considering limiting the number of visitors to the parks. The National Parks saw 307 million people last year, but while visitors look for elbow room, amazing adventures are waiting just a few hours outside these parks.

This year, if you’re looking to avoid the crowds of the parks, take a look at these alternative areas to hike and backpack outside of some of the most visited parks.

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New USA Roads Layer in The App

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It is finally here! After three years of pouring over government and state maps, onXmaps is announcing the release of the new USA Roads map layer. The new layer brings specific road data across the country. Roads ranging from highways to forest service roads to backroads are available for every state, without losing clarity.

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On The Fly & On The Move

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The last frost of spring clung to wildflowers lining the banks of the Big Hole River and fog rolled off the water. From the warmth of a bed, in the back of a truck, Shelby Dunn stirred just in time to see the sun rise over the mountains to the east. It was a crisp, clear morning on an otherwise drizzly fishing trip across Montana. Shelby could have stayed in the warmth of the truck bed, next to her husband Jon, but the sound of trout rising for early morning flies was irresistible. It was time to wet a line. It was the last day of their fishing road trip, but not the last day of their wanderlust.

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